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My Bio

I have a degree, BSc with honours in Zoology. I now work as a veterinary nurse in the coolest vet practice in London. Im a faux-punker. I play guitar. I collect 7" vinyl singles.

Reepacheep is the Pride Leader of the Sheenaba Pride, but this responsibility didn't come to her easily.

From birth, she was made the scapegoat of the pride - her unusual markings (black patch on head and chest) were deemed "evil" by the other residents of her pride. Her mother (Tereena) and father (Philitu) stood by her through thick and thin, teaching thier daughter the ways of leadership. She took to avoiding the other pride members, preferring to gaze at the stars than to confront anyone.

However, one particularly dismal night, after the pride had unsuccessfully hunted for the 5th time, they turned on Reepacheep, threatening to kill her to end the "evil spell" she had cast onto the lands. With her daughter's safety in mind, Philitu had no choice but to exile his own child away from the pride. Fleeing for her life, Reepacheep makes her way to the Pridelands where becomes a resident.

She settles well in the pridelands, until one day her father appears to beg forgiveness - he wants her to return to the pride. She refuses, her new home is the Pridelands. Determined, Philitu moves the pride to the very outskirts of the Pridelands, so family and pride are once again reunited, and the pride forgiven. She lives in the same place to this day.

My Occupation

Veterinary Nurse, slacker.

My Hobbies

I eat/sleep/breathe music - especially the punk-rock/emo/ska variety. I am a music nerd and go to as many concerts/gigs as money and time will allow, and Festivals are a promenent feature of my summer - Glastonbury and Reading being my faves.

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